The MODERN Catalan SPANISH "Bikini" has opened inside Akasaka Biz Tower, located within the exciting new Tokyo entertainment space at akasaka Sacas.

Presented under the supervision of Josep Barahona Viñes, Japan’s preeminent expert on Spanish cuisine, MODERN Catalan SPANISH represents a great opportunity to enjoy casual dining on authentic Spanish food, based on the traditional cuisine of the Catalonia region evolved to a more modern style.

The Catalonia region, surrounded by mountains and sea, is well known for its remarkable cuisine utilizing all manner of fresh ingredients from mountain and sea: nuts, game, seafood, and more.

In Spanish, the term “bikini” refers to a simple hot sandwich of Jamón ibérico (Iberico ham) and cheese.

Our restaurant was named to evoke all the associations of the “bikini”: modern sensibilities fused with rustic warmth and an emphasis on quality ingredients.

Inside, the premises are divided between a restaurant space and a bar space, in order to best suit the intentions of our patrons, whether dinner, a light meal, or a drink or two at the bar.
We warmly urge to you to stop by.

MODERN Catalan SPANISH "Bikini"
Floor 1, Akasaka Biz Tower, akasaka Sacas, 5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6301
Phone: 03-5114-8500 Open: 11am – 11pm (last order 10pm)